Our Mission

Felida Lodge Senior Living is an elder-centered adult family home.

We choose to make a positive difference in the lives of mature adults and the families who love them, working together with resident, family and health care professionals to provide high quality care to all residents.

The Felida Lodge Senior Living team perform our duties with confidence, concern, commitment, cheerfulness and care. We  treat every resident and every contact with respect, kindness and caring and perform every task with honor.

Our goal is to ensure a lifestyle that is comfortable, secure and enjoyable.

We're located just outside of Vancouver, WA in the friendly community of Felida, WA only 4 miles from Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital .  Our residents enjoy the wildlife and  peaceful atmosphere on the 4.5 acres at the Lodge.

Best Family Environment

"Hello, my name is Lisa Rasmussen and I am a Guardian ad Litem with the Superior Courts of Washington that deal with Elder Abuse and Guardianships. The unfortunate part is that I come across many cases of abuse both physical and financial.

My most recent case involved a man that had been locked in a bedroom for three years. He had colon cancer and was very underweight from lack of food and very scared.  He needed care, compassion, and the ability to have caregivers that understood that sometimes when he would act out, that he hurt from his treatments or just need that extra compassion to get him through the hard times.

He received all of this and so much more. Felida Lodge is not only a beautiful home for all individuals that come to live in their new home but one that recognizes that each person has rights, demands dignity from their staff and supplies them with homemade food, quality care, medication management, bathing and assisting your loved one with making each day a positive life experience.

My client had to undergo major surgery, is doing much better, and will be able to be reunited with his family back east, but this would have never happened without each member of Felida Lodge working as a team with me to get him there.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions. I know your loved ones will be cared for in the best family environment."

Lisa Rasmussen
Guardian ad Litem